Terms and Conditions

Caroline Smith

BSL/English Interpreter RSLI

Terms and Conditions of my services.

The Interpreter Caroline Smith is a fully qualified Interpreter (RSLI) with NRCPD (National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf/Deaf blind people) and also a member of VLP (Visual Language Professionals.)

More information can be found from www.nrcpd.org.uk regarding using fully qualified Interpreters. I abide by their code of Ethics/Conduct and their complaints procedure. I have regular DBS checks at an enhanced level and as a member of VLP am covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)


The Interpreter will always behave in a professional manner and aim to foster good working relationships between clients, hearing professionals and agencies. The service provider/purchaser will endeavour to make available prior to any assignment any relevant information. This should include where possible accurate details regarding the nature of the assignment, preparation materials (e.g. previous minutes, agenda, copies of presentations/ handouts) All information will be treated confidentially.

The Interpreter shall endeavour to be as flexible as possible to assist all parties and should they be delayed prior to the assignment starting will contact the provider. If they are waiting for the client/provider then they will wait thirty minutes after the start time of the assignment before leaving.


My fees reflect and are in accordance with NUBSLI’s guidance. More information can be found at www.nubsli.com

Mon-Fri £90.00 (call out fee)

Half day £120.00

Full day £240.00

Weekends/Bank Holidays £40.00 per hour (3hrs minimum fee)


Mileage 45p per mile

Access to work bookings 25p per mile

Public transport – price of fare


No record of the Interpreters work shall be made without the Interpreters prior consent, except where such a recording is inherent within legal proceedings. Recordings which are intended for broadcast or publication may incur an additional fee.


Once a booking has been confirmed either written or verbally it is binding and should the Interpreter be unable to meet her agreed obligations for any reason (i.e. illness) then every effort will be made to find a suitable replacement acceptable to all parties where necessary and the agency/provider will be informed as soon as possible.

Should the Interpreter be cancelled after a booking has been confirmed the following charges will be made in accordance with current practice unless alternative assignments of location and a similar nature can be found.

Notice of cancellation: 0-7 days prior to the date of the assignment 100% of agreed fee.

8-14 days prior to date of assignment 50% of the agreed fee.

Note: Travel will not be charged on a cancellation unless the journey to the assignment has already commenced or the travel costs have already been incurred (e.g. non returnable deposits)

Team or Co-Interpreting:

Due to the cognitive processing involved in simultaneous Interpreting, the Interpreter reserves the right to ask for a co-Interpreter in assignments that last over 90minutes especially where breaks are not possible. This is in order to ensure that all participants have full access to information and also to ensure that the Interpreters own health and safety is protected. The two Interpreters shall support one another during the assignment being able to feed missed information and to clarify understanding. The Interpreter reserves the right to only work with other colleagues that are registered and fully qualified.


Fees and expenses as agreed at the time of booking. The purchaser agrees to the Interpreters terms of payment, namely receipt within 30 days of the invoice date. After 30 days, charges will be applied as per late payment legislation.

The Interpreter is self employed and registered with Inland Revenue Suffolk Office and is responsible for her own tax and National Insurance Contributions.